Camille Cami Test Knit

My test knitters blew me away with their Camille Cami Projects, especially with how they’ve chosen to style them.

Take a peek at these stunners!

Photos shared with permission. I do not require my test knitters to share photos publicly.

Keriann’s Camille Camisole

Keriann @runningamuckdesigns
Size 2, no bust short rows, cropped, Hem 2.

“I love how shaping stitches are worked into the overall design of the garment. The designer’s attention to construction and fit gave me a super polished final product.”

Briana’s Camille Cami

Briana @InvStrFiberArts
Size 5, bust short rows, Hem 1.
“Great intro to lace work for a novice knitter! Easy to follow, but finished cami looks so intricate.”
Céline’s Camille Cami
Céline @celines_crafts
Size 4, bust short rows, A-line shaping to size 5, hem 2.
Anna Lena’s Camille Cami
Anna Lena @knits_of_froda
Size 8 front panel, combined with size 6 underarm / back cast on stitches, bust short rows, A-line shaping, Hem 2.
“It is a fun, fast knit, easy to modify, with lovely accessible lace sections.”
Noel’s Camille Cami
Size 2, Hem 1.
“A great fingering weight project if you’re scared to take the plunge on a fingering weight garment. A wonderful base layer for work under cardigans or blazers. Illimani Sabri is the perfect yarn for this project, next to skin soft.”

Katie’s Camille Cami
Katie @Katesville.knits
Size 3, additional bust and waist decreases, Icelandic BO
“This is a fun twist on your average cami! The lace detail really elevates it - everyone who has seen it so far comments on that. It will be a staple under my knit cardigans this spring and summer!”
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Additional Thoughts

Comments from test knitters not pictured above:

“It is a very relaxing knit and I love how it fits in certain areas, especially under the arms, around the chest, and the shoulders. I would give this a 3/5 for difficulty, because of the lace and the double knitting, but the instructions are very clear and easy to learn.” -Lily @rainyknits_ / Size 1, Hem 1, no bust short rows.

“I enjoyed knitting this tank. It is great on its own or as a layering piece. The pattern itself is well written with several accessible modifications for a great fitting garment. Highly recommend!” -Patricia @Tobarp / Size 2, Hem 2, bust short rows.

“Fun pattern - read it through carefully before starting - trust the pattern 😃 ” -Sarah @LaRichelaise / Size 5, Hem 1

“Céline’s designs are always well-considered, and the Camille is no exception. If you’ve been wanting to try bust darts or other fit modifications, the quick construction and clear instructions makes this a great place to start.” -Alison @alisewnjoy / Size 2, A-line shaping

“This cami is a joy to knit! It has both challenging and meditative components to keep you interested all the way through, and is a great introduction to fit modifications. It drapes like a dream, and looks great on its own or as a base layer. Highly recommend!” Jenifer @jeniferstitches / Size 3, Hem 1, bust short rows.

“This pattern is easy to knit but still has parts that are challenging enough to keep you engaged. It knits up surprisingly fast for a fingering weight pattern and the resulting fabric is a dream to wear. I‘m already planning a second one!” Laure Ann @LaureAnnKnitsThings / Size 6, Hem 1