About Me

Hi! My name is Céline and I’m a knitwear designer committed to great fit and helping knitters grow their knitting practice. My designs are thorough, so you can dive in with confidence, knowing you’re well supported. They include construction overviews, schematics, links to special technique videos, and modification guidance… and if you still need a little extra help? I’m just an e-mail away with prompt pattern support.

I specialize in top-down constructions, which I love for being able to quickly assess fit. I also love that they lend themselves well to seamless constructions. Plus, most of the tricky bits happen right at the start when we’re most motivated, and then the rest of the project is an easy coast to the finish line.

I’m always striving to improve as a designer and knitter, and am in the relentless pursuit of perfect fit. My newsletter takes you on deep dives into grading and knitwear construction. I’m always very happy to have a nerdy knitting conversation with you.

Everything I do is meant to inspire confidence. Confidence in our knitting, and how we feel when wearing our knits, regardless of race, gender, or sexuality. Most of my garments are designed and graded with a women’s size chart, but I do my best to include modification guidance to serve a more diverse set of bodies.

I strive to make all my spaces safe for everyone, and expect those entering them to adhere to those values. I welcome differing opinions, and will always greet them with kindness and respect.



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Yarn Companies / Indie Dyers

If you’re looking for a design to showcase your yarn, let’s chat about collaborating.

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Yarn Stores

Interested in having one of my patterns as a sample in your store? Have a yarn you’re trying to move off the shelves, and you’d like some inspiration for your customers? Do you offer discount codes to test knitters?

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Test Knitters

I’m always looking for test knitters for my upcoming designs. If you’re interested in test knitting sign up for my test knitting newsletter. You’ll get first dibs before I post a public testing call.

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I love getting to know other designers. Let’s chat about the industry, bounce ideas off each other, collaborate on a collection, discuss fit, or host a giveaway or KAL.