Let’s answer some Frequently Asked Questions!

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, feel free to use the Contact Me page, I’m happy to answer it.


Are your patterns size inclusive?

Yes! Most are graded to a fit a 30” to 62” / 75 cm to 155 cm full bust circumference, and patterns released in 2024 and onwards are graded to fit up to a 66” / 165 cm full bust.

Most also include optional bust short row shaping, and guidance for making modifications.

How do I choose a size?

I recommend choosing a size that will fit your upper torso well. Check the size charts and schematics in the photos to help make a decision. 

For help reading size charts, and more guidance on choosing a size please check out my blog posts on those topics.

Do you offer pattern support?

Yes! If you need help with one of my patterns please e-mail me celine@celinefeytendesigns.com or fill out the contact form. 

E-mails will be responded to within 24 hours.

Why are your patterns so long?

My goal is to write clear and concise size inclusive patterns in a way that leaves little room for second guessing. I would much rather give you extra information that you may not need, than leave you frustrated because the pattern wasn’t clear enough. 

I do my best to include printing instructions so you only print the pages you need for your size.

Most of the pages in my patterns are supplements to the instructions themselves. They all include a schematic and size chart, a list of abbreviations, explanations of special techniques including links to video tutorials, and often include guidance for modifications.

If the pattern contains charts it often has both written and charted instructions. In addition, almost all of my garment patterns include optional bust darts. I do all the math for you, but it results in a few pages of tables at the end of the pattern.

How do I join a test knit?

If you’re interested in test knitting, please subscribe to my test knitting newsletter, all testing calls go there first. If any sizes don’t fill up I post a public test knitting call on instagram (@celine.knits).

For more information about my test knitting process, check out “Test Knitting” on the main menu.