Test Knitting

I like a test knit with continuous feedback, where we’re talking about WIPs, helping each other out, and sharing feedback as it comes up. I like to implement feedback as it comes, so everyone benefits from each other’s thoughts and questions. Discussions are encouraged, if test knitters disagree or have an opinion on a topic that comes up, I hope they will feel comfortable sharing. 

Honest feedback is very important to me. I strive to make my test knits a safe and inclusive space, where all questions are valid. All feedback is carefully considered.

If your preference is to get the pattern, and then give feedback at the end of the test knit with no communication in between, my test knits might not be the best fit.

Modifications are welcome, but I expect test knitters to let me know what they’ve done (or plan to do) differently.


Test Knit Details


My test knits are run on Slack (a free communication platform), with each test knit having multiple channels.

There’s usually a chat channel, a typos and pattern support channel, and an updates channel. This makes it easier to find the information you might need.

Near the end of the test knit a survey channel gets added with final feedback questions.

One of the downsides of Slack is that it doesn’t do notifications very well, as such, test knitters may need to check in periodically to see what has been brought up and addressed.

Yarn Support

I try to offer two types of yarn support for adult garment patterns.

1. I try to secure a discount for test knitters looking to purchase the recommended yarn. This is usually through a yarn store, and occasionally a yarn brand.

2. I also offer financial yarn support in some garment test knits. I set aside 20% of my sales every month to put towards a yarn support budget. 

Once a test knitter has been invited to join the test knit they have the opportunity to request yarn support. After I hear back from all the test knitters I allocate the funds accordingly.

If I do not have sufficient funds to cover all the requests I prioritize the larger sizes. If my budget is particularly limited I will prioritize test knitters who I have collaborated with before.


I set the length of the test knit by the amount of knitting involved and the difficulty level. All my garment test knits are at least 6 weeks long. 

A bralette is usually 6-8 weeks. 

A fingering weight camisole is usually at least 8 weeks. 

A DK weight sweater is usually around 8-10 weeks depending on how complex it is.

A fingering weight sweater is at least 12 weeks.

I add extra time for particularly complex or burdensome stitch patterns. I also add time if I know it’s a particularly busy time of year (like around the holidays).

Please account for blocking and drying time, so final fit feedback can be shared by the deadline.

What to Expect from Me

1. A fully tech edited pattern. If part of the pattern has not been tech edited that will be disclosed in the test knitting call. 

2. Thorough and prompt guidance throughout the test knit. Test knits are my top priority, and messages are addressed as soon as I see them. 

3. Respect. I carefully consider all feedback, and will always get back to you with what I’ve decided to do. If I don’t implement your feedback I will explain why.

4. Access to a fully formatted living document, where you are able to see all the changes I have made.

5. My full support when planning and implementing modifications. I’m happy to discuss anything we need to in order to get you the best possible fit. I will also provide suggestions on how to get the result you’re looking for.

What I Expect from Test Knitters

1. Share feedback as it comes up. If you’re struggling with something, please don’t wait until the end of the test knit to bring it up.

2. I prefer regular check-ins on Slack, even if nothing is wrong. This lets me know the test knit is progressing smoothly, and whether or not we’re on track to finishing by the deadline. 

3. I encourage discussion and differing opinions, and will sometimes put things to a vote. That said, I expect this to be done with kindness and respect towards your fellow test knitters (this has never been a problem).

4. Please keep track of how much yarn you use (just a total is fine!), as this will help finalize the yardage estimates.

5. Do your best to achieve gauge. If it’s off the final fit feedback will not be an accurate reflection of the pattern.

6. The project should be finished and blocked by the deadline, so that you are able to fill out the survey and give final fit feedback.

Photos: I ask that test knitters send me a finished object photo (preferably worn), either in one of the slack channels, or in a private message or e-mail, so that we can assess the fit. The photos don’t need to be ‘good’, just good enough for us to see how it fits. I don’t require sharing finished object photos anywhere other than Slack. I will not share any photos that have been shared with me without permission.


Upon completion of the test knit test knitters will receive:

1. The finalized copy of the pattern.

2. A coupon code to redeem for a free pattern of their choice from my Ravelry store or website.


Do you require Ravelry / Instagram posts?

A Ravelry test code is shared with test knitters when invited to the test knit, in case they’d like to make a project page.

Test knitters are also welcome to share WIP / FO posts to instagram. Neither of these is required. 

Do you penalize test knitters who don’t finish?


I know my test knitters are volunteering their time, and that sometimes unexpected things come up which prevent them from finishing by the deadline. As long as they participated in the test knit and provided me with some feedback they still receive the finalized copy of the pattern and a coupon code to exchange for a pattern of their choice.

I prefer to be notified in advance if a test knitter is unable to finish, so I know not to wait for their feedback before sending the pattern back to the tech editor for a final review.

How do I apply?

Sign up to my test knitting newsletter. You’ll receive the test knitting calls first. 

The newsletter will include a link to a google form. 

I mostly choose test knitters on a first come first served basis, but I try to make sure I have a mix of test knitters I know, and new to me test knitters. I also try to have a variety of skill levels present. If the pattern has multiple views or options I aim to have a mix of those per size as well.

I do ask for an instagram and Ravelry username, but only to assess the knitting.

I also ask for certain body measurements (depending on the pattern). This is to help me assess whether the size chosen will fit as intended.