Little Crystals Test Knit

I’m so grateful to my test knitters, they worked so hard with me to perfect the pattern, and I’m so proud of the final product. 

Check out their phenomenal projects!

Photos shared with permission. I do not require test knitters to share photos publicly.

Sian frontSian
Sian @GlendaleFibres
Katie front              Katie side
Katie @Katesville.knits
Maya front                         Maya back
Maya @Millahism.tinks
Teresa front                   Teresa Back
Teresa @terryclothfibers
Alex Front              Alex Back
Alex @Knot.Tired
Nicole F       Nicole B
Nicole @NicoleD97
Patricia front              Patricia back
Patricia @Tobarp
Nicole front Nicole Back
Nicole @woolandfabricshop
Katarina @kcirnski
Sarah @knit.sea.knits
Karen @Karen0rnelas
Anja @AsKnitKit
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Additional Thoughts

Here are some of the things my test knitters loved the most about Little Crystals:

-Oversized cozy fit

-Minimal long floats

-The neckline and shoulder fit

-The illustrated construction overview

“I was worried it would be too oversized, especially before the sleeves were fully completed because they seemed gigantic, but now that it’s done and blocked I love the cozy feel.”

“It’s literally perfect. It’s oversized and the absolute coziest thing ever.”