Little Sizing

10 sizes graded to fit a full bust of 30” to 66” / 75 cm to 165 cm.

Full bust circumference:

36.5”, 42.75”, 45.75”, (48.75”, 54.75”, 58”) {61”, 67”, 70”, 73.25”} / 91.5 cm, 106.5 cm, 114.5 cm, (122 cm, 137 cm, 145 cm) {152.5 cm, 167.5 cm, 175 cm, 183 cm}

Little Crystals is meant to be oversized, super cozy, with long roomy sleeves with loose cuffs. I recommend 6-8” / 15-20 cm of positive ease at the bust. For better fit consider choosing the size graded for your Upper Chest measurement.

See photos 9 and 10 for the schematic and size chart.

Samples are size 2 worn by Céline with ~7.5” / 19 cm of positive ease, and by Pierre-Yves with 4.75” / 12 cm of positive ease.

The shoulder is graded to drop 2.5” / 6.5 cm past the shoulder tip, accounting for the weight of the sleeves. Please note that Superwash yarn will stretch more and result in a bigger drop (see blue Cascade 220 Superwash sample vs. the ginger Cascade 220 sample). If you have broad shoulders you may wish to size up to achieve the intended shoulder fit.

The large motif is uninterrupted at the bicep, so several sizes share bicep circumferences. In most sizes the lower arm is then gently tapered to the wrist. Little Crystals has oversized, cozy, and super long sleeves, but that may not be your preference. A few test knitters added additional shaping to the wrist, and/or shortened the sleeves to suit their preferences. I highly recommend using the schematic to help you decide if you’d like to make modifications.