What I expect from test knitters

1. Share feedback as it comes up. If you’re struggling with something, please don’t wait until the end of the test knit to bring it up.

2. I prefer regular check-ins on Slack, even if nothing is wrong. This lets me know the test knit is progressing smoothly, and whether or not we’re on track to finishing by the deadline. 

3. I encourage discussion and differing opinions, and will sometimes put things to a vote. That said, I expect this to be done with kindness and respect towards your fellow test knitters (this has never been a problem).

4. Please keep track of how much yarn you use (just a total is fine!), as this will help finalize the yardage estimates.

5. Do your best to achieve gauge. If it’s off the final fit feedback will not be an accurate reflection of the pattern.

6. The project should be finished and blocked by the deadline, so that you are able to fill out the survey and give final fit feedback.

Photos: I ask that test knitters send me a finished object photo (preferably worn), either in one of the slack channels, or in a private message or e-mail, so that we can assess the fit. The photos don’t need to be ‘good’, just good enough for us to see how it fits. I don’t require sharing finished object photos anywhere other than Slack. I will not share any photos that have been shared with me without permission.